World Down Syndrome Day

All lives matter. My Special Olympics friends are filled with energy and joy. Most of their parents would tell you that Down Syndrome was a blessing. They bring joy to everyone they meet. Sometimes it takes them longer to hit milestones or achieve things, but they will ALWAYS get there…in their own time. They are funny, thoughtful, loving…a true ray of sunshine every single day. Angels. Never disabled, but differently-abled. They have areas of strength and weakness just like the rest of us, and sometimes just need a little extra help to overcome their weakness, find those areas of strength, nurture them and help them grow. That’s what Special Olympics and Best Buddies do and why they mean so much to me. I have never read a story where an individual with Down Syndrome was responsible for an act of violence, evil, hate, destruction, or terror…we need more of these special people in our world and in our lives. I can’t wait for the new North TX FCD SO season to kick off!!



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