Ten Tips to Look Your Best on Your Next Beach Vacation

People often reach out about my diet or workout routine and what I do to stay healthy and fit. The best fitness journey truly is all about balance and learning what nutrition and workouts are best for you. I’m sharing my ten tips to help you look and feel your best in a bikini. I hope these tips help you get your body bikini ready so you can rock your next beach vacation with confidence!

Gracie Hunt - 10 Tips to Look Great in a Bikini on Your Next Vacation

  1. You’ve heard it incessantly, but I’m going to reiterate it: drink lots of water! Your stomach can’t tell the difference between thirst and hunger, so make sure you are adequately hydrated so you can accurately recognize hunger signals.
  2. Leafy greens are your new best friend. Not only do green vegetables have lots of essential vitamins and minerals, but they contain vitamins and fiber, which keeps you satiated for a long time.
  3. Commit to movement. You don’t need to spend hours pounding pavement to reach your health and fitness goals. All you need is some dedicated exercise time each day. I’d aim for 30 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the type and intensity of your preferred exercise.
  4. Read nutrition labels—always. Sneaky ingredients in packaged food can sabotage your healthy efforts, so know what you’re putting into your body. If it has an ingredient in it that you cannot pronounce, or if you have no clue how it was created, I’d recommend you stay away from it.
  5. If you were a farmer and could grow, raise, hunt, or fish the food, then go for it. However, if you have no idea how to make a food item or where it comes from—I’d recommend you avoid consuming it.
  6. Don’t drink your calories. Be wary of juices, coffees, and any beverage that is working against your goals.
  7. Make it a lifestyle. You are much more likely to stay with healthy habits if you mentally plan on implementing them indefinitely. If you see them as painful rules to achieve an end goal, your odds of success diminish.
  8. You can do anything you set your mind to. It’s about consistency and discipline.
  9. Listen to your body. Sometimes you may need to rest!
  10. Confidence in your own skin is the most attractive thing you can wear. God gave you one body to steward, so treat it with love.

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