Reflecting on 2022 and stepping into 2023

Reflecting back on this year✨ My word this past year was to LEARN—“to increase in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man” Luke 2:52. I’ve learned a lot about myself, uncovering new passions and strengths. I’ve learned…

Beat the Sunday Scaries

Looking forward to the weekend is normal, and it seems that somehow each week the days crawl by between Sunday and the weekend’s start on Friday.  The importance of a healthy mindset, positivity, and constructive habits are key to living…

Top 10 Healthy Tips

Top 10 Fit Habits One of my greatest outlets (other than prayer and quiet time) is exercise. I can push myself to greater limits, set and achieve new goals, and have fun, while enjoying those amazing endorphins! Here are the…