Super Bowl Wrap Up

Super Bowl LV

What a day yesterday was for Chiefs Kingdom. Even in the midst of disappointment— I could not be more proud of this team and this season. In a year that brought us heartache, the game of football brought hope. Week after week, we watched a sport that brought us together when the whole world had to be apart. 


We couldn’t have made it to where we are today without the support of all Chiefs Kingdom—truly the best fans in the NFL. 


I stand by our Family motto: Praise Him when you win; Praise Him when you lose. 💔 Not the result we were hoping for, but so proud of this team’s heart. 


Dynasties aren’t built in just two years—we’ll be back. 




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  1. Christopher Finch wrote:

    Keep your heads high, Gracie! I know how it feels to come up short for a SB victory, myself- it happens, but at the end, never doubt that you and your family, as well as the entire Kansas City community, are the proudest and bravest supporters of you all. You’ve done well, this past season, and you shall continue to do the same, for the future! Keep on making the best of everything in the off-season! Wishing you and your family my love from the Windy City! Be safe, wherever you are! #MuchLove

    Posted 2.9.21 Reply
    • Gracie wrote:

      Thank you so much!

      Posted 2.12.21 Reply
  2. I’m my eyes you guys are champions. Also your fait and family are examples to follow.

    I am and always will be a fan of the Chiefs

    God Bless you.

    Posted 2.9.21 Reply
    • Gracie wrote:

      Thank you for those kind words, Ricardo! Run It Back!

      Posted 2.12.21 Reply
  3. Laura Bredemus wrote:

    Well said, Gracie!
    Play on!

    Posted 2.9.21 Reply
  4. Kent lockey wrote:

    Hi Gracie, I’m sorry your Chiefs didn’t win the Super Bowl: it is obvious you are totally behind the team!! I haven’t been a Chiefs fan over the years, but after you guys won last year I was paying attention to your family’s inspiring story. You have an absolutely awesome family & I hope you guys will get to celebrate another Super Bowl victory in the near future!! Since my team never wins I’ll just celebrate with you & your family, if that would be okay.

    Posted 2.15.21 Reply
  5. This season was what I’ve come to expect from this TEAM…. AWSOME
    *that Tom Brady guy is a hard one to beat you don’t win 7SupetBowls on accident like God don’t know there’s a SuperBowl going on 100

    Posted 2.23.21 Reply
  6. Michael wrote:

    What date is your Beauty Queen date?

    Posted 2.24.21 Reply