Six Moves for a Six Pack



Fitness and wellness have always been extremely important to me.  Beyond being conscious about what we put in our bodies, I know how important it is for us to listen to our bodies and do what we can to set ourselves up to be the strongest, most empowered versions of ourselves.   As I’m quickly approaching race day for my second marathon, I’ve been amping up my cardio plan significantly.  In addition to running training, I consistently love to incorporate HIIT moves and quick, yet effective, exercises to target key muscle groups.

Today’s fitness plan is all about abs! Tap to follow these six moves for a six pack — you can do this one at home, at the gym, outdoors … even in a hotel room if you’re traveling. I’d recommend a yoga mat if you have one, you fav workout set  (I’ve linked mine below), can’t go wrong with a good playlist, and make sure you’re staying hydrated!





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