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Exercise has always been my happy place, giving me time to focus on myself and start every morning with a victory. Setting new goals and hitting milestones is key when exercising, by working on yourself to a better person both physically and mentally. Exercise release endorphins, also known as happy hormones – which are the chemicals that are associated with feeling happy and reliving pain. Whether your fitness journey has just begun or you’re an expert, one way to improve your experience is by adding some new technology into the mix – monitoring everything from the workout analytics to recovery and lifestyle.



I swear by my Whoop and recommend it to everyone! Whoop tracks all of your health aspects, which then helps you keep you at your best everyday – monitoring your performance, training, recovery and sleep cycle. But it throughout the day it allows collects data based on your environment, from anxiety and stress to even if you’re travelling.

Lumen Releases First-Of-Its-Kind At Home Metabolism Tracking Device, now available in the UK - UKTN | UK Tech News


Lumen is a new-technology that teaches your body how to better react to your daily activities and diet, “you can understand how to fuel your day if you’re working out later or if you need a low-carb day and you are mostly sitting in the office” – Dr. Michal Mor (Lumen’s chief of product and science). By tracking your metabolism through CO2 sensors and

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HAELO | Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency PEMF Therapy for Recovery


On the higher priced end we have the Haelo, which is a new way to help your body recover faster. By using Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy this technology emits frequencies that can adjust and influence your cells – essentially training your body and cells on how to work smarter not harder. Haelo was designed to function in different ways, from being held or to target a specific place on your body, and even by just being near it you will still benefit. The overall purpose is to improve your recover, performance and overall wellness optimization.

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Bellabeat Ivy fitness tracker


Bellabeat is a wellness brand all about women; although it functions like other wellness tracking devices these are specifically engineered and design by women for women – monitoring your heart and respiratory rate, cardiac coherence, physical and mental health, as well as correlating menstrual cycle data, lifestyle habits and biometric readings. It also has a more fashionable and lightweight design, which was attended so the tracker could be worn and forgotten without distractions. By keeping track of your body and it’s data, allows you to understand you more.

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