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Always on the go? Trying to balance a healthy lifestyle with a busy schedule? At times I have found it a challenge to stay on top of my health and fitness goals during periods of the year when I may be traveling up several times a week while simultaneously taking 18 hours at SMU. I like to consider myself a multitasking master (lol), but in all honesty, there are only so many hours in a day! I always prioritize a workout of some kind because it sets the tone for my day and puts me in a great mood: #GiveMeEndorphinsAndTellMeI’mPretty 😂. 

Over time, I have found what works and doesn’t work for me in achieving my fitness goals, but firmly believe that outward health is a direct reflection of what you put into your body. I’ve come to see food as fuel and make sure that everything I eat is benefitting by health and fulfilling my nutritional needs.

I’m a big fan of snacks that are easy to pack and also consist of mostly whole, minimally processed ingredients. These are some of my pantry staples for an on-the-go lifestyle:

While I love snacks that I can easily grab and go, I also love making healthy options that may take a bit more preparation:

  • Sliced tomatoes paired with light white cheese and some balsamic vinegar/olive oil
  • A handful of almonds or a couple of tablespoons of almond butter with a sliced orange, apple, or grapefruit
  • Egg whites cooked with spinach and mixed veggies
  • Carrot and celery sticks with almond butter or PB2
  • One cup of 0% fat Greek yogurt (I love Chobani and Fage) with cinnamon and Truvia or stevia mixed in for sweetness

And when I need a protein pick-me-up my go to is a Brie’s Bar (it literally tastes like a desert–it’s a joke), a 310 Nutrition shake, or a Fit With Cambrie Smoothie. 

I hope that you enjoy some of these fit tips and these snacks help you stay on track even when life can be crazy! Let’s make the second half of this year our happiest and healthiest!




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I’m the former Miss Kansas USA! I’m an avid sports fan and fitness enthusiast. I hope this blog inspires your everyday and encourages you to go Live Gracefully!

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