Healthy Habits I’m Incorporating Into the New Year

I’m always looking for ways to improve my health and wellbeing! 2023 was a really important year for me, recovering from my foot injury, and being introduced to other healthy habits. This year, I’m planning on continuing many of those habits and incorporating some new ones into my routine. These habits are simple, fun, and easy to stick to, making them easy for anyone to do!

Gracie Hunt in Gym Working Out
  • Visit a Holistic Doctor: I’m constantly learning about my body, and I think one way to do so is by getting different perspectives. This past year I visited a holistic doctor and learned a lot. They look at your health from a whole-person perspective and can help identify underlying issues that may be affecting your overall wellness. This is a great way to learn about different ways to improve your health naturally. I plan on continuing this!
  • Grounding: Grounding and earthing are often used interchangeably and refer to connecting oneself with the earth’s surface by walking barefoot, sitting, or lying on the ground. The idea behind grounding is that the earth’s surface contains a subtle electrical charge that can help neutralize free radicals, reduce inflammation, and improve overall health. It’s a great way to rebalance your energy and reduce stress. Plus, it’s a fun excuse to take a walk on the beach or in the park. I’ve been trying to do this at least once a day!
  • 432 Hertz Music: 432 Hertz music is supposed to have healing properties, can help improve your mood, and reduce stress. Tons of playlists are out there and make it easy to incorporate into your daily routine. This one is my favorite!
  • Calming Crystals: I’ve always been fascinated by crystals, so I decided to incorporate calming crystals like amethyst and rose quartz into my routine.
  • Grow a Plant: I’ve never been great at keeping plants alive or grown one myself until this past year! It may seem so simple but having to nurture and care for something is a really cool expereince. Growing a plant has tons of health benefits, including reducing stress and improving air quality. Plus, it’s a fun way to add some greenery to your space.
  • Get Enough Sunlight: Getting enough sunlight is so important for overall health! Vitamin D is essential for bone health and can help improve your mood. I’m going to make it a goal to get outside for a little bit each day or sit by a window to soak up some rays. You can do this also when you are grounding yourself!
  • Drink Plenty of Water: I’ve always been pretty good about drinking water, but this year I’m upping my game. I’m making sure to drink out of a stainless steel, reusable bottle to reduce waste and exposure to harmful chemicals.
  • Get Plenty of Electrolytes: Electrolytes are important for staying hydrated and energized, so I’m incorporating Liquid IV, Prime, and Advocare into my routine to make sure that I’m getting enough.
  • Take Magnesium at Night: Magnesium is a great supplement for reducing stress and improving sleep quality. I’m taking it at night to help me wind down and relax before bed.
  • Cold Plunges: I’ve been getting into cold plunges lately, and I’m hooked! It’s a great way to reduce inflammation, reset your dopamine levels, and boost your overall well-being. I love that it’s a fun way to challenge yourself and feel alive.

Are you incorporating any healthy habits into 2024? I’d love to hear what they are below!

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  1. Dan Griffard wrote:

    Good Morning Gracie!!! I love reading what you write…

    Posted 2.5.24 Reply
  2. Bud wrote:

    Mindfulness. Been reading, meditating and taking cold showers (cold plunge) every morning for the last year. Eating more cleanly and becoming more faithful/gratwful is a big one to introduce this year! Less screen time too

    Posted 2.19.24 Reply