Health After the Holidays

True Beauty Starts From Within! We’re getting ready to ring in 2018 and with that comes newly resolved dreams, hopes, and goals. If you’re looking to reset and jumpstart a journey to becoming the strongest and most fit you’ve ever been, let’s walk the road together beginning in January. I’m doing a health and fitness series on my favorite workouts and health products. One of my favorites is HUM Nutrition products.

I love Hum Nutrition and how their products not only help you feel your best, but also help you look your best. They offer a variety of supplements and flavors and I thought I’d share some of my favorites. Stay tuned to find fitspo, encouragement, healthy tips and workouts to keep you motivated to reach your resolutions!

Raw Beauty Powder – Tahitian Vanilla & Berry Infusion $39.00

This unique proprietary blend was developed by HUM’s leading nutritionists. Raw Organic Green Superfoods help nourish and cleanse from the inside out. To help boost your energy, metabolism and support your digestion we also added Matcha Green Tea, Organic Flax Seed, digestive enzymes and probiotics.

Limited Edition “Every Body is a Bikini Body” Set $90.00

This kit includes everything you need to feel confident from the inside out:

1. Daily Cleanse detoxes the skin and lymphatic system for radiant skin 2. Flatter Me relieves indigestion and bloating for a smoother stomach 3. Skinny Bird boosts your metabolism and reduces stress eating.

Hair Sweet Hair Gummies $20.00

Benefits include: stronger hair, healthier follicles, natural color boost, and visible results in 2 months!

Über Energy Supplement $25.00

Stress releases hormones that make us unhealthy and contribute to aging. If you need a solution for your busy lifestyle, to keep you going without burning out, then Über Energy is right for you.

Wing Man Supplement $25.00

Wing Man supports the health of the liver. A healthy liver flushes out unwanted toxins that otherwise may go through the skin and can cause breakouts or dark circles.

Here Comes the Sun Supplement $20.00

D3 is critical. It plays an important role in regulating your energy and mood. If you don’t have enough sun exposure (20 min/daily) or you are worried about photo-aging, then Here Comes The Sun is right for you.

Beauty zzZz Supplement $10.00

Sleep is so important for all aspects of life from fitness to energy levels, and Beauty zzZz will help you wake up refreshed and ready to take on your day!

If you wake up tired in the morning or feel restless at night, Beauty zzZz™ can help you rest easy. Melatonin is a hormone found in the body that helps promote a more restful sleep—and as a result, better overall health. Clinical studies have surrounded melatonin and the role it plays in our sleep cycles. Just 1 of these vegetarian tablets before bedtime without food will help support an easy sleep for an active day. With 3mg of melatonin in this natural nightcap, counting sheep will go 1…2…zzzZz.



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