Giving The Basics

It seems so basic-but it’s not. I tried going without the basics for just a day to see what so many people in our community experience, and I couldn’t do it. I didn’t even last a day.

One of my goals as Miss Kansas USA is to introduce some of the amazing organizations making a difference in our communities, so you can see the need and decide if you want to get involved. Serving others is something I’ve grown up doing and it’s one of the most rewarding things ever. Even a small contribution of time or money makes a big difference. I want to start off with an incredible organization called Giving the Basics.

Food stamps don’t cover the basics. Food pantries don’t distribute the basics. Giving the Basics stands in the gap supplying a need that’s not being met for those who are disadvantaged. They provide personal care products for human dignity. It’s easy to donate or drop by their facility in KC, KS, with friends to pack items for a block of time. I also love that they work with the KC Police Department for distribution to those most vulnerable in society. The police pass out basics to those left behind after a crime, teenagers on the street, and others in need, while also building relationships with residents. Being clean changes everything.

“Together we can improve health, provide dignity, and offer hope.”

Check them out on IG at:
@GivingTheBasics and click “Get Involved.”

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