Five Healthy Spots to Give You Glowing Skin and Get You in Your Best Shape for Summer

With the full sunshine of summer arriving in full swing, the time for transforming how you feel from the inside out is now! It is said that (abs) but healthy, strong bodies in general start in the kitchen, not the gym alone. With these five spots on your radar when looking to grab a healthy bite out, you’ll be equipped to say hello to summer as your happiest and healthiest self!

Flower Child

Flower Child is an LA original that serves an array of healthy farm to table options. Their Flying Avocado wrap and Kale salad embody the tastes of summer in a bowl. While their dishes use relatively uncomplicated ingredients, they are blended together with light, fresh perfection and offer selections for gluten, dairy, and vegan specific dietary requirements.

Flower Child utilizes avocado effortlessly in many of their dishes and their iced tea bar flavors change seasonally, never failing to pleasantly surprise the palette with their unique methods of infusing water with tropical flavors and creating new varieties. They offer online ordering and a selection of daily baked gluten free vegan desserts for those craving something sweeter.

True Food Kitchen

A modern fusion of organic seasonal ingredients and tested family favorites, True Food Kitchen is the perfect family friendly spot to find both pizza and freshly squeezed green juices. The crispy teriyaki tofu on the chopped salad captures summer with the sweet dates, jicama, and manchego pieces sprinkled on top. They also offer more sustainable dishes including a savory turkey burger accompanied by smoked gouda, traditional burger vegetables layered, and a flaxseed bun. True Food Kitchen also takes great care in detailing out gluten, vegetarian, and vegan options.  

The Original Chop Shop

The Original Chop Shop seems to have become a favorite morning and lunch spot for SMU students and faculty alike. Original Chop Shop’s unique “dietary filters” allow for you to maintain your health and fitness goals while still experiencing cult favorites like sweet soy sesame steak, acai bowls, 10 fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and even decadent—almost indulgent tasting protein shakes all made in house.


Nékter contains the ultimate armada of healthy juices, açaí and pitaya bowls, smoothies, and even a vegan ice cream called “skoop” for those with a sweet. tooth. The juice cleanse packages can be tailored to your specific needs, but regardless will help in achieving skin clarity and give you that extra glow from the surplus of vitamins and nutrients. Other than the exceedingly healthy juices, the heartier acai bowls come in six variations that have been recently updated for spring and summer. Nékter’s online ordering system allows for stress-free convenience and streamlined ordering.

The Juice Bar

The Juice Bar specializes in cold pressed juices and fueling the body with all of the vitamins and minerals to aid in detoxifying, debloating, and helping to kickstart a new chapter of healthy lifestyle habits. The juices can be ordered fresh and created specifically how you want or pre-bottled. They also offer nine creative smoothies and six bowl blends that can be ordered online.



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