Fitness after Thanksgiving

Burn baby burn! The holidays are a special time to spend making memories with family and friends, but can also work against your health and fitness goals. Grandma’s special homemade recipes and family food traditions can just be too hard to say no to. And aren’t the holidays for indulging a little more? With Thanksgiving wrapped, many people find they need to burn off some of the extra turkey and stuffing from their Thanksgiving feast. It’s time to buckle down and get back on track, or just reinvigorate your workout routine before Saint Nick brings a reason for a season of more sweets and delicious Christmas food.

If you are someone who loves the class environment and High-Intensity Interval Training, otherwise known as HIIT, then try the different sessions at Orangetheory or Barry’s.

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory has many locations and makes it easy to book classes through their website, app, or on the MindBody App. This workout lasts 60 minutes and aims to target your entire body. Each class has a professional coach to guide the workout and help each client meet their goals.

Barry’s Boot Camp

Barry’s Boot Camp also has many locations across the U.S. which makes getting a workout in on the go or when traveling for vacation much easier with their online booking and the Mindbody App. Workout classes at Barry’s aim to tone muscle while also potentially burning 1,000 calories or more depending on a person’s output and size. They also have professional coaches leading the group workouts to push you to your max. By combining weight training with cardio, the class keeps your heart rate elevated throughout the workout.

Vive Fitness

Vive Personal Training is Dallas-specific and offers a more personalized and complete approach to health and fitness. You can contact them online to book a session. Vive has accredited personal trainers, semi-private personal training, body analysis/nutrition consulting and therapy.

Session Pilates and Pilates Barre

Session Pilates has several Dallas locations and multiple membership options and student/teacher discounts. Likewise, Pilates Barre is national with many Dallas studios. You can book both through their websites in addition to the Mindbody App. Pilates classes are a great way to strengthen the core and improve balance. If you’re looking to elongate and tone your muscles, then Pilates is the workout for you. It is also a great workout if you want to work hard and not strain your body too much.

SoulCycle and ZYN22

Spin it out! If you’re an adrenaline junkie who loves to jam out to music while you sweat it out, then cycling is your new best friend. Not only do spin classes bun lots of calories, but the fun vibe and passionate instructors make this workout something to look forward to. Both cycling studios offer locations in many states to help you keep up your fitness on the go, membership packages, and booking options through their websites and the Mindbody App.


Up, up, and away! Rise Nation is one of the first workout classes to utilize the VersaClimber for a full body burn in 30 minutes. A VersaClimber is a challenging machine that is sure to make you sweat. In a class atmosphere with an instructor to push and motivate everyone, you are much more likely to work harder than you thought you ever could. Walking out of that class always comes with a sense of achievement…and the need to head for an afternoon nap.

CorePower Yoga and We Yogis

Get your Zen on and embrace your inner yogi. Yoga is a great way to put your body through active recovery and stretching which helps with injury prevention while also being active and getting a good workout in. Many health and fitness experts incorporate a yoga session into their weekly training regimen. One thing yoga brings that many others do not is the ability to allow both body and mind to decompress. CorePower Yoga has many locations in cities all across the nation with online booking options, and We Yogis has several locations specific to Dallas-Fort Worth area.

City Surf Fitness

Surfs up! At City Surf Fitness they offer full body, surf-inspired strength and conditioning group classes. From the workout outfits that look like surfer wear to the boards themselves, surfing lovers will feel right at home. They have 35- and 50-minute classes that shape and sculpt the body and are really a challenge. City Surf Fitness has locations in Dallas, Plano, Austin, and also some in other states and you can book a session through their website. If the typical workout class bores you, then City Surf is a great option to mix up your workout routine.

I hope that you find a new workout you love and can enjoy the holidays feeling healthy, fit, and ready for all of the fun that comes with the anticipation of Christmas!



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