Decisions, decisions…

Life is made up of one decision after another. Some decisions are small, like where should I go on a trip or do I choose this roommate. Others are major, like where should I go to school or look for a job. Whenever I have decisions to make, I love to seek advice, and I always pray about it. God’s will is what I value most. You might be a student trying to choose a major for your college career, or a single considering marriage, or maybe you’re at a crossroads and don’t know which way to turn. Whatever decision you are facing…one thing is certain: God is always willing to show you His will, His plans, and His purpose. God spoke to people in the Bible. He spoke directly to Jonah, but he didn’t listen, and it didn’t go well for him. Then God spoke to him through his circumstances. God still speaks to us today. Ask yourself what’s happening in my life right now and what is God telling me through these circumstances? God speaks to us through the wise counsel of those seeking Him. I find the best advice from those who are drawing near to Him. Wise and Godly people are an invaluable asset in our lives. God’s word also has a blueprint for your life and decision-making. For me, leaning in and praying, listening for God’s direction, and considering my circumstances and the peace I have regarding the choice is critical. I’m about to go have quiet time and listen. Please let me know if you have decisions you’re struggling with and if I can pray for you, too.

Hi! I'm Gracie.

I’m the former Miss Kansas USA! I’m an avid sports fan and fitness enthusiast. I hope this blog inspires your everyday and encourages you to go Live Gracefully!

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